Random Mystery Box of Stuff

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You know how it goes when you're a maker. You accumulate a bunch of really cool stuff that you swear you'll do something with eventually, but then your spouse yells at you because it's taking up too much room you realize you have too much and you need to make your stuff someone else's.

So we put a bunch of really cool stuff into these random mystery boxes and are selling them as-is to you. The contents are completely random. The items may not have documentation, may not still be supported by the vendor, and may not be entirely useful to you. We will say that we had fun putting all the stuff in the boxes and think you'll have fun with whatever's inside. 

Due to the nature of selling a Random Mystery Box of Stuff, this is product is not returnable. 


  • 1 x Random Mystery Box of Stuff

Not Included:

  • Anything not in the box

Dimensions of Box:

  • About 8.5" x 1.5" x 5"

Weight of Box:

  • Up to about 8oz


What's in the box?
  • If we told you it wouldn't be any fun, would it? It might be a sample product, a built or unbuilt kit, parts we found interesting, some random thing we built when we were bored, etc. 

What if I don't like what's in the box?

  • Sorry! It's not returnable so give it to a maker friend, sell it, or use it as a white elephant gift maybe?

What's the value of what's in the box?

  • We tried to make the value equal to or greater than what we're selling the boxes for. Some of the boxes are worth way more than the asking price!

Why don't you just sell all this stuff on an auction site?

  • We considered it but thought this would be more fun. It takes a lot of time to set up auctions, and then you have to hope the buyer actual pays once they "buy."

Anything else we should know?

  • You're still reading this? If you've made it this far you should probably just buy one then let everyone know what you got by leaving a review!