Official Raspberry Pi USB-C Power Supply

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It's official, the Raspberry Pi 4 uses USB-C for power. It's about time too because the poor microUSB port on the rest of the Pi's were getting tired of trying to cram 2.4A through a 1.8A rated connector. 

This USB-C power supply is rated for 3A @ 5.1VDC (the extra 0.1V is to compensate for voltage drop.) It has an attached 1.5m long cable that is terminated with a USB-C connector so it'll plug right in to your Raspberry Pi 4 or other USB-C device.

This power supply is "official" because it comes in a raspberry and white box and has the Pi logo embossed into it. 


  • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input
  • 5.1VDC 3A Output (15.3W maximum output power)
  • 1.5m 18AWG wire (permanently attached)
  • USB-C output connector
  • Embossed Raspberry Pi logo
  • Color: Black


  • Raspberry Pi 4 (or other USB-C powered gadgetry)


  • 3.125" x 2.375" x 2"


  • 0.245LBS