RadioShack® Science Fair-Style Spring Terminals

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Check out these springs on Cool Tools!

Remember the coil spring terminals from the electronics kits you had as a kid? The ones that you threaded into a cardboard hole and securely held a component or hookup wire between the coils? worked with a manufacturer to have them recreated as perfectly as we could because we couldn't find them anywhere else. The springs are 0.6" long and 0.256" in diameter, tapering to 0.196" on half just like the originals. Since they measure just over 1/4" they twist nicely into a slightly undersized hole (we've had reports that a 15/64" hole works well.)

Great for creating your own kits or for replacing corroded terminals on your old kit you found in your mom's basement.

Now available in two different pack sizes: 

  • 25 Pack - 25 spring terminals, handsomely packaged and ready for your project. 
  • 200 Bulk Pack - 200 spring terminals, bulk packaged in one big bag without any additional frills. Perfect for International customers (it's the most you can ship without jumping into the next shipping price tier) or those who just need a pile of springs! 
  • Interested in another quantity? Let us know at and we'll do our best to meet your needs! 



  • Length: 0.6in / 15mm
  • Diameter (Max): 0.256in / 6.5mm
  • Diameter (Min): 0.196in / 5mm
  • Wire Diameter: 0.6mm
  • Plating: Zinc

And no, you can't have our quarter (but thanks for asking.)

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